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Finding the best mortgage net branches

Finding mortgage net branch companies is easy, locating the best net branch companies is not so easy! A search for “net branch” on Yahoo lists 126,000,000 results. Most people do not go past the 1st 2-3 pages of results. With 10 results per page that 20 – 30 listing to review for information. That’s almost […]

FHA Neighborhood Watch – Mortgage Net Branch

FHA Neighborhood Watch Can Affect Your  Net Branch What is it? What is your number (Compare Ratio)? Why is it important? If your branch has poor numbers in Neighborhood Watch  you could lose the ability to originate FHA loans. The Neighborhood Watch System is a web-based software application that displays loan performance data for lenders […]

North Carolina law tougher on mortgage branches, originators and lenders

A new law is going into effect soon in North Carolina that will eliminate more originators, mortgage branches and companies in that state. Very soon if you do not have a credit score of 600 or higher, your out! The net worth for a broker now will $25,000 and require audited financials. The education requirements […]