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Finding the best mortgage net branches

Finding mortgage net branch companies is easy, locating the best net branch companies is not so easy! A search for “net branch” on Yahoo lists 126,000,000 results. Most people do not go past the 1st 2-3 pages of results. With 10 results per page that 20 – 30 listing to review for information. That’s almost […]

Part 2 – FHA Net Branch Opportunities – are they all the same?

In the last post we covered broker vs. lender for FHA loans. Now let’s take a look at the next items on the list of important criteria you should consider if you are considering a net branch opportunity and intend to originate FHA loans. FHA originated using the corporate address or the branches? Corporate processing […]

Important questions to ask when looking for a net branch company (part 2)

In the previous post we looked at the common questions everyone asks. “What are your net branch fees and how long will it take to get approved?” I speak to people everyday that are looking for a mortgage branch partnership. Many times the key questions are not asked. The questions that I think are important […]

Important questions to ask when looking for a net branch company (part 1)

What are your fees? How long will setup take? These are the most common questions I am asked. Are they the most important? My answer is NO! These are important questions but just about every company is close to the same answer. Most companies are between $350 and $500 per file. (We are $395 in […]

Another Net Branch Company Shuts It’s Door – Global Mortgage Inc.

I just read the news that another national net branch company – Global Mortgage Inc. located in Clearwater Florida – has declared CH-7 bankruptcy. Global like many others in the net branch segment of the industry was plagued with investor buy backs and operations problems that were caused in part to poor management and also […]