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Important questions to ask when looking for a net branch company (part 1)

What are your fees? How long will setup take? These are the most common questions I am asked. Are they the most important? My answer is NO! These are important questions but just about every company is close to the same answer. Most companies are between $350 and $500 per file. (We are $395 in […]

I want to originate in all states! – Are you sure about that?

I want to originate in every state where you are active. In my work speaking to prospective branch managers I hear this statement every day. My answer / question is always the same. Are you sure? I then ask several important questions. Have you researched the licensing requirements for loan officers and branch offices in […]

1099 vs W-2 employee for a mortgage net branch

This is a very important topic that many net branch companies do not want to address. Q. Can you work for a mortgage net branch company and be paid all or part of your income as a 1099 contractor? (There are many companies telling prospective branch managers that this is OK – legal – and […]