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Finding the best mortgage net branches

Finding mortgage net branch companies is easy, locating the best net branch companies is not so easy! A search for “net branch” on Yahoo lists 126,000,000 results. Most people do not go past the 1st 2-3 pages of results. With 10 results per page that 20 – 30 listing to review for information. That’s almost […]

Originate in other states – part 2

In the first post on this topic I mentioned that some net branch companies are promoting a system where you can get around the “other” states licensing requirements to originate and still get paid. I learned about this from a prospective branch manager when I asked if she was considering other companies. I asked what […]

1099 vs W-2 employee for a mortgage net branch

This is a very important topic that many net branch companies do not want to address. Q. Can you work for a mortgage net branch company and be paid all or part of your income as a 1099 contractor? (There are many companies telling prospective branch managers that this is OK – legal – and […]