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Mortgage Net Originator FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our loan originator program.

Q. Does your company originate FHA loans?
A. Yes – we originate All FHA loan programs including Streamline, 203K, and purchase or refinance with scores as low as 550.

Q. What are the startup costs?
A. No company should charge a loan officer to join a company. All onboarding cost is covered by the company.

Q. How much experience does your company have?
A. That is a very important question! Our management team has originated loans in Florida since the early 90’s.

Q. Do I have to process my loans?
A. No. – we provide full service processing with experienced mortgage processors from our operation center.

Q. Do you speak Spanish?
A. Yes – Hablamos Espanol

Q. What type of loans cannot be closed?
A. We originate all loan types including commercial

Q. How long does it take to get setup to originate loans.
A. The average time is 1-2 weeks. Usually it takes 5 – 7 working days from the date we receive your completed employment package for approval – once a  loan officer is cleared through NMLS the loan officer can originate.

Q. Can I be paid by 1099 – Misc?
A. No – All personnel including loan officers, and office staff are W-2 employees. We do not pay originators, staff, or managers as 1099 contractors or through LLC setups.

Q. how much experience do I need to originate for your company?
A. Generally we like loan officers to have at least 2-3 years origination experience with a recent verifiable production history. We are always open to discuss this with you if you have less time as an originator but feel you can do the job.

Q. What licensing is required?
A. All loan originators must be licensed through NMLS and Florida.

Q. What is the next step?
A. The next step is for us to talk to determine if we are a good fit each other.

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