Loan Officers – 5 signs you are originating for the wrong company

5-1Loan Officers and Managers –



Here are five signs that you may be originating for the wrong mortgage company.




  1. Your pricing is way off the mark.
  2.  Your compensation is too low.
  3. Your UW turn time and / or service is bad and you see no change.
  4. Your company is adding overlays that others are not.
  5. There are no leaders in your company that you look up to.

If you are experiencing one of these warning signs in your current situation you should be exploring new options.

If you are suffering through more than one you should have an exit strategy in the works.

Which warning sign is the worst is a matter of opinion.

Many loan officers can overcome price with good service.  So timely service from underwriting and funding  is important.

Low compensation is not always a bad thing if you are learning or it was your decision to price “thin” expecting to make it up in volume.

A ship without a good captain will have problems, A team without a leader is just a group of people. So having leaders in your company that you look up to and learn from is also highly important.

If you recognize any of these issues in your current position please  call me to discuss I may have a better solution for you.
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