Mortgage Net Branch and The NMLS in 2010

This year, 2010 is the deadline for all states to become part of the National Mortgage Licensing system (NMLS).

Mortgage Net Branch Information Net Branch Managers should full understand the new rules and how they may change the way you operate your branch and how you hire new loan officers.

Many loan originators under their current state banking laws do not need to be licensed. Some states have only required loan officers who are mortgage brokers to be individually license while loan officer working for mortgage lenders were exempt from individual licensing.

With the new NMLS everyone – brokers and lenders will be required to be individually licensed. If you have been originating in more than one state you will have to have a loan officers license for each state and your office will also have to be licensed to operate in each state.

If you are hiring new loan officers for your branch you need to review the new laws to make sure that the prospective originator will qualify under the new rules.

As a net branch manager your compliance department at your national headquarters should also be able to help you with these issues. That is one of the benefits to being part of a national company. You have a full service compliance department to assist you.

Do not wait for the new laws to go into effect before you understand how they could change the way to operate your mortgage branch.

Click Here to visit the NMLS website to look up the new requirements for your state.

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Mortgage Net Branch Licensing Information

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