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Loan Officers – 5 signs you are originating for the wrong company

Loan Officers and Managers –     Here are five signs that you may be originating for the wrong mortgage company.       Your pricing is way off the mark.  Your compensation is too low. Your UW turn time and / or service is bad and you see no change. Your company is adding […]

Is the net branch company you are with closing it’s doors?

Many Net Branch Companies will close their doors! HUD has just release the final rules on the required net worth requirements for mortgage  lenders to keep their HUD approval. If your net branch company is currently a HUD approved lender the new HUD rule will increase the minimum net worth by 4 times. The old […]

Net Branch best business model for mortgage professionals

Why is a net branch the best business model for most mortgage professionals? One of the reasons is that current and pending legislation is making it harder for small independent mortgage shops to survive. As our mortgage lending environment continues to change more mortgage lending professionals are switching to the net branch business model because […]

Why join a national mortgage branch company for FHA?

Why join a national mortgage branch company for FHA? Instead of joining a net branch company to originate FHA loan wouldn’t it be better to get your own company approved by HUD to originate FHA loans? In most cases the answer is no. Let’s look at some of the costs associated with any mortgage company […]

Finding the best mortgage net branches

Finding mortgage net branch companies is easy, locating the best net branch companies is not so easy! A search for “net branch” on Yahoo lists 126,000,000 results. Most people do not go past the 1st 2-3 pages of results. With 10 results per page that 20 – 30 listing to review for information. That’s almost […]