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Net Branch best business model for mortgage professionals

Why is a net branch the best business model for most mortgage professionals? One of the reasons is that current and pending legislation is making it harder for small independent mortgage shops to survive. As our mortgage lending environment continues to change more mortgage lending professionals are switching to the net branch business model because […]

How to successfully apply for a net branch manager position

How to successfully apply for a mortgage net branch manager position. Setting up a net branch means that you are applying to be hired by a company as a manager. As small independent¬† shops are are forced to close or merge with larger operations and FHA becomes more important you will see it become harder […]

How does the “meltdown” affect net branching?

As a nation and as an industry we are in uncharted waters. I doubt anyone can accurately predict the outcome. What we can do is make some estimates on how the mortgage meltdown will change our industry in the short term – The next 18 – 36 months. Purchase – Purchase – Purchase – FHA […]

Why Virtual Mortgage Net Branch?

A virtual net branch – web based loan origination system. Is using a web based loan origination system really better that a PC based system like Byte or Point? A personal note.. I have been a Point user since the early 90’s and have spent hundreds of hours learning how to make it sit up […]

Looking for a net branch company?

Are you looking for a net branch company to work with? There is good news and bad news. The good news is that the number of companies that you have to choose from has been cut in half in the last 12 months. The bad news is that the number of companies that you have […]