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Loan Officers – 5 signs you are originating for the wrong company

Loan Officers and Managers –     Here are five signs that you may be originating for the wrong mortgage company.       Your pricing is way off the mark. ¬†Your compensation is too low. Your UW turn time and / or service is bad and you see no change. Your company is adding […]

Net Branch best business model for mortgage professionals

Why is a net branch the best business model for most mortgage professionals? One of the reasons is that current and pending legislation is making it harder for small independent mortgage shops to survive. As our mortgage lending environment continues to change more mortgage lending professionals are switching to the net branch business model because […]

Growing your net branch business!

Growing your net branch business. Should you hire more loan officers or is there a better way? After becoming branch managers many successful loan officers try to duplicate themselves by hiring more loan officers. It is a logical step. But is it the right step? The internal conversation usually goes something like this: “If I […]

How does the “meltdown” affect net branching?

As a nation and as an industry we are in uncharted waters. I doubt anyone can accurately predict the outcome. What we can do is make some estimates on how the mortgage meltdown will change our industry in the short term – The next 18 – 36 months. Purchase – Purchase – Purchase – FHA […]

The LIBOR index is rising fast… Refinance opportunity for net branch

The LIBOR index is rising fast… Refinance opportunity for net branch the LIBOR rate has spiked in recent weeks. What is the LIBOR and why is something your clients should be concerned about? From a report on Bloomberg this week.. “The overnight Libor rate in U.S. dollars soared 3.33 percentage points to 6.44 percent today, […]