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Mortgage Net Branch and New HUD Rules

The title for this post should be “Are the people at  HUD out of their fracking minds?” HUD has extended the deadline for correspondent lenders (mortgage brokers) to provided their audited financials. The big problem is that the extension period is useless. It’s a 30 day extension. Since HUD has a proposed rule change in […]

Big Changes for Mortgage Net Branch Managers in 2010 – Part 2

More about the big changes for mortgage net branch managers in 2010. There is now a new 4 page GFE (Good Faith Estimate) and new disclosure rules to go with it. The new GFE has you disclosing the figures several different way to (in theory) help the borrower better understand the transaction. The initial fees […]

How to successfully apply for a net branch manager position

How to successfully apply for a mortgage net branch manager position. Setting up a net branch means that you are applying to be hired by a company as a manager. As small independent  shops are are forced to close or merge with larger operations and FHA becomes more important you will see it become harder […]

Net Branch Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Lender – Which is Better?

If you are considering joining a net branch company one of the biggest decisions you face is the lender vs. broker decision. In the past the ability to be both a broker and a lender was a valid option. Today although most companies still promote the available option to be broker or lender – in […]

Growing your net branch business!

Growing your net branch business. Should you hire more loan officers or is there a better way? After becoming branch managers many successful loan officers try to duplicate themselves by hiring more loan officers. It is a logical step. But is it the right step? The internal conversation usually goes something like this: “If I […]