The Mortgage Net Branch Industry

The net branch industry like it’s parent the mortgage industry has changed greatly in the last decade.

Although the term net branch is still widely used is not really the right term.  P&L Branch might be a better term – but it is not very good as a marketing term and there are few if any real P&L branch opportunities still around.

We have seen a number of large and small companies close their doors and we have seen a lot of new legislation passed that has changed the way we conduct business.

What make one mortgage company successful while others are closing their doors?


Hopefully you will find many of the the answers in the pages of the this blog.

I created this site in 2004 and started writing this blog in 2008 because of all of the misinformation I came across daily (and still do). I have been in the business since the early 90’s. I started as a mortgage broker in Jacksonville Florida, worked for over a decade in wholesale and correspondent lending and came back to retail in the early 2000’s.

There are gaps in posts – several of the companies I worked for did not allow independent blogging.

I currently work with DG Pinnacle Funding, managing operations.  As part of my day I speak to loan officers looking for a better company to work with. In those conversation I hear great amount of misinformation being spread. From FHA rules to compensation issues. In those conversation I also hear about the issues that people in the industry think are important.

This blog is not intended to try to recruit anyone, my competitors are welcome to participate. The site is dedicated to bringing some clarity to a very confusing part of the mortgage industry.

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